Our Company

We created Lunch at The Ritz Earwear, Inc. in 1982 in order to make a statement to the fashion world that there are women out there who love creativity and fun, who could care less about what the fashion magazines dictate.

It was on that premise that we began to design our Chinese TakeoutTM, SeafoodTM and Moon StarTM earrings. Glamour, luxury, and morsels of fantasy were our goals. Over the years people have asked us, "How did you come up with that name?" Well, we say, picture something perfectly elegant and expensive, yet at the same time sunny and delicious. There you have Lunch at The Ritz.

It's a state of mind, not a place or a body type. Whether you are dining in Paris or at the Laundromat, grabbing a number at the deli counter or dinner dancing on a cruise, you can still be enjoying Lunch at The Ritz.

It's about attitude. It's about knowing how good you deserve to feel. It's about loving yourself just enough to say "I'm Here."

Twenty seven years later we are still "Here" designing for our collectors old and new. Our secret? Never read a fashion magazine, never look at what anyone else is doing, break all the rules, and be true to yourself. Simply stated, "Love Life." That is why, in 1998, we built our new 15,000 square foot facility, enhancing our creativity and production with the vision that Lunch at The RitzTM deserved a building as unique as the jewelry we produce.

Our jewelry is an expression of our beliefs. Women either love it, or they just don't get it, and that's okay. The reactions to our creations are pretty extreme. We have women who own hundreds of pairs of our earrings, and there are women who wouldn't dream of buying even one. There are women who wouldn't be caught dead in them, and there are women who have requested to be buried in their Lunch at The RitzTM jewelry.

Judge for yourself. Our Web Site is a personal response to the numerous demands we have had to become a presence on the Internet. Take a look at our complete current Lunch at The Ritz line, all in one place for the first time. You can shop by theme, or by course. In either case, take your time and enjoy. But most important of all... Bon Apetit.